Strength training is a sort of physical exercise represent considerable authority in the utilization of protection from inciting strong constriction which fabricates the quality, anaerobic continuance, and size of skeletal muscles.

At the point when appropriately performed, quality preparing can give huge useful advantages and improvement in generally speaking wellbeing and prosperity, including expanded bone, muscle, ligament, and tendon quality and sturdiness, improved joint capacity, diminished the potential for injury, expanded bone thickness, expanded digestion, expanded fitness and improved heart work.

Preparing generally utilizes the system of dynamically expanding the power yield of the muscle through steady weight increments and utilization of an assortment of activities and sorts of hardware to target explicit muscle gatherings.

Sports, where quality preparing is focal, are lifting weights, weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman, Highland diversions, shot put, disk toss, and lance toss. Numerous different games use quality preparing as a major aspect of their preparation routine, remarkably tennis, American football, wrestling, Olympic style sports, paddling, lacrosse, ball, post moving, hockey, proficient wrestling, rugby association, rugby class, and soccer. Quality preparing for different games and physical exercises is winding up progressively prominent.


  • It helps in maintaining bone density and preventing loss of muscle Strength.
  • Useful in reducing muscle strain and joint injury that comes with aging.
  • Speeding up metabolism, provide better posture and Toned body.
  • Improve Posture, Improve Mental Health, and Transform Your Shape & Reverse Aging.
  • improved muscle quality and tone – to shield your joints from damage

  • keeping up adaptability and parity, which can enable you to stay free as you age
  • weight the executives and expanded muscle-to-fat proportion – as you increase muscle, your body consumes more kilojoules when very still

  • may help diminish or forestall subjective decrease in more established individuals
  • more prominent stamina – as you develop more grounded, you won't get worn out as effectively
  • counteractive action or control of unending conditions, for example, diabetes, coronary illness, joint pain, back torment, discouragement and heftiness
  • improved versatility and parity
  • improved stance
  • diminished danger of damage
  • expanded bone thickness and quality and decreased danger of osteoporosis
  • improved feeling of prosperity – obstruction preparing may support your fearlessness, improve your self-perception and your state of mind
  • improved rest and shirking of a sleeping disorder
  • expanded confidence
  • upgraded execution of regular undertakings.

Strength Training

As we age Muscle loss speeds up, and lifting makes that process slows down and allow us to do heavy work at an older age too. So many people face the problem of bone and muscles pain in the winter season. These are some major issues that can be recovered by expanding our muscles and by making bones stronger. By knowing so many facts and benefits of STRENGTH TRAINING, the next question arises…


Here I want to make it clear for you all that you do not need to go to the Gym and spend 2-3 hours. You can start from your home itself by appointing a Trainer or by enrolling for an online trainer or by yourself too and for that, you must get to know the exercises and other than that you need some of the basic equipment and lots of positive attitudes.

Okay just hold on for a second, I think we forgot the MUST PART before begin strength training and that is Warming up your muscles. Yes, this one is the most important part before the beginning of any exercise. Do not take Warm up lightly, as if you skip it and start practicing exercises and lifting then you may cause injury. So you must invest at least 5-7 minutes for warming up and again 5 minutes for stretching and cool down when you finish your workout.

I also want to suggest you go slowly earlier and practice that Strength training exercises that do not need heavy equipment or can be done without equipment too like – Pushups, Pull-ups, Squats, planks – can help build up your muscles and make it easier for you to workout longer. You can also use lightweight equipment like – elastic resistance tubing, dumbbells, and giant inflatable balls can help with some movements and then start increasing the weight to lift and time too.
 If you work well and in the right direction you will definitely get a toned and shaped body. There are a variety of exercises available on YouTube which are very interesting to perform and will never let you get bored.
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It is totally up to you, how you can fit it into your schedule, but most of the Training Programs suggest to workout 3-4 times a week.
Well, I must say here that time doesn’t matter but Commitment, Focus, and Patience do.
Do a commitment to yourself to not quit in between, do not take your steps back before achieving your dream body. Good Luck!!! 


Once you get into the habit and make exercises part of your lifestyle you must start to follow Strength program in order to step up to the next level. Search for genuine and do research which programs are providing best to you and follow the correct techniques.

As a beginner, learn the basics well as you will experience a lot of muscles soreness right from the next day or perhaps from day one too. But as time passes your muscles will become familiar to it and you feel painless.

Also, provide rest to your body too; never exercise the same muscle group two days in a row. So if you have done lower body today, rest it tomorrow. Also, get one-two days of rest from all exercise in a week. Remember that your body needs time to repair itself.

Good luck Guys and hope you are excited to begin strength training.

See Ya!!!

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