What's So Trendy About Why It Is Necessary To Be Fit? That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

Why it is necessary to be fit?

Physical movement or exercise can improve your wellbeing and lessen the danger of building up a few maladies like sort 2 diabetes, malignancy, and cardiovascular illness. Physical movement and exercise can have quick and long haul medical advantages. Above all, customary action can improve your personal satisfaction.

Health issues are increasing rapidly from the last few years, because of our Changing Lifestyle. It is very shocking to believe that not only old age people are targeted with health diseases but Youth and Children are also affected by them.

A migraine, Diabetes, Obesity, Bones Weakness, Knee pain, High or low Blood pressure have become so common nowadays…. So, now a question arises what we do to keep our self and our children Fit and Strong? How do we make our immune system strong to fight such diseases? How do we strengthen our Muscles? And the list can go so long with lots and lots of Questions in our mind ….

On the off chance that you are consistently physically dynamic, you may: 

  • lessen your danger of a heart assault
  • deal with your weight better 
  • have a lower blood cholesterol level
  • bring down the danger of sort 2 diabetes and a few malignant growths
  • have a lower circulatory strain
  • have more grounded bones, muscles, and joints and lower danger of treating osteoporosis.
  • bring down your danger of falls.
  • recoup better from times of hospitalization or bed rest.
  • feel much improved – with more vitality, a superior mindset, feel progressively loose and rest better.

So, for now, I think we should give a pause to these questions and look for the solutions to make ourselves fit and Strong. 

From last few months I was searching what people are doing around the world for their Fitness, and guess what? I found people are engaging themselves in Strength Training. Yes, Strength Training …..You also have seen around you that the gym has become a part of life for people like You and me. 
If you want to lose weight, build muscle, or feel fitter, Strength Training will help you thoroughly.

What is Strength Training?

Strength Training is the Process of exercising with Resistance. In simple words, we can understand it as any form of exercise that uses some kind of Resistance (Like – Machines, Dumbbells, resistance bands, or even self-body weight) that will strengthen the muscles and bones in the body and this is Strength Training.

It is Often addressed by various names like resistance training, weight training, Power-lifting, toning, bodybuilding, weight work, etc.

Strength Training

It is not just to Strengthen muscles, but it can help you to improve body balance and coordination, which means you’re less likely to fall and hurt yourself.
More strength works to burn more calories, even if you are not doing anything, and that factor of resistance workout will never allow your body to be overweight.

We all know that most of the Health problems are begins with Obesity. Obesity is that condition in which our body put up excess body Fat. It can increase the risk of many health problems and diseases which includes – High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and Heart disease. Around the world, the rate of Obesity is on the Rise.

And the cause of Obesity that noticed a lot is the bad eating habits of us. It occurs when people regularly eat and drink more calories in the form of Fast foods which is actually very bad for our Health.

Other than more calories intake, there are so many factors that contribute to Obesity including – lack of sleep, lack of physical activity and many more scientific reasons.

Why do we not Control on such activities which make our body a home of Health Problem?
We have to give the best to our body so that our body can also give us the best. Make a commitment to yourself for 3-4 months that you will work for your fitness and achieve a strong, toned and a dream body.

I can bet you that if you control excess eating habits and make Physical activities a part of your life then you will definitely going to appreciate your hard work with Strength Training Exercises as you get older and start losing muscle mass.

See there are so much to do with your body to make it fit by like Yoga, Exercises, Gym, Swimming, and sports too and the best the part is you can learn them through blogs and even YouTube is also full with videos on such Topics, and it’s all up to you to decide to practice in and the activity of your Choice ….as because “Practice makes man Perfect”.

I personally like Strength Training exercises as these are widely practicing nowadays worldwide. Popularly following by Youths. Men and Women both are giving equal participation in Strength Training Exercises.

Let me First tell you that you can practice it for your whole body or simply the body part you want to strengthen like - Arms strengthening, leg strengthening, Chest strengthening, Ankle strengthening, etc.

Have you ever wonder how Choreographers and Dancers lift their Partners with so much ease? How their moves become so smooth? It’s all because of the strength they use at that time. Similarly, most of the sports, activities and other works which are included in our Daily Life need strength.
There are lots of Exercises from basics to advance that you can try by focusing your capacity and Stamina to start with.

Here on this blog, we will share with you -

  •  basic Strength Training exercises
  •  Moderate Strength Training exercises
  •  Advanced Strength Training exercises
  •  Light exercises for Kids
  •  Strength Training exercises Equipment and much more Health tips. 

So, Guys let's end it here….. Be Stay connected with us to Learn More and practice More.

Till then Eat Healthy, Practice Healthy and Stay Healthy!!!!!




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