Is it possible to get rid of Arm Flab and get toned arms within a week?
Well, the answer is Yes, why not? Any part of our body whether it's your arms, chest, and belly doesn't look good if they start sagging.

Arms fat is very much common in men and women both, but women suffer more with saggy arms, as they make them uncomfortable and embarrassed to carry sleeveless and off-shoulder dresses.

Nobody likes saggy arms, so keeping that issue in mind we have come up with some Strength Training exercises that will work on your arms to reduce sagginess and make them toned and tighten.


  • You can start with BIG ARM CIRCLES and to do this, your arms should be parallel to the floor and start making circles as much clear as you can.
  • Time Duration: 20 seconds
  • Direction: First 20 Seconds clockwise and another 20 seconds anti-clockwise.
  • Increasing time duration is up to you.
  • Tips: Do not use heavy equipment in accordance to get fast results, you may harm yourself if you try to do it.
  • Do not increase the time duration as much that your body is not ready to adapt.

Next Exercise that you can follow is CRISS-CROSS.

  • Again you have to follow the same procedure; Stand straight, open your arms to Shoulder height and parallel to the floor.
  • Slightly stretch your arms and then move them in a Criss-Cross Pattern.
  • One of your arms should overlap the other one; Right Arm overlaps left arm in the first move and left arm overlap right arm in next move.
  • Repeat this exercise at least for 15-20 times.

The third one is HANDS-UP & HANDS-DOWN.

  • Stand Straight with your feet slightly apart.
  • Start to lift your hands slowly in the air and then put them down.
  • Try to increase the speed of the movements as much as possible and in an affected way.
  • Repeat this Exercise at least 3 times for 30 seconds.
  • Do not get so much excited in accordance with increasing the speed, and protect yourself from getting injured.

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