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Do you want a fabulously toned body then add resistance bands to your exercise? Resistance bands are widely used by trainers and fitness experts, they also become popular among women who don't wish to join the gym but want their body in shape.

Resistance bands are elastic bands that are used for strength training, they allow you to do full body workout and perform strength training exercises without weights. Resistance bands come in a range of sizes and colors.

Resistance bands can effectively strengthen the muscle power and flexibility. They are an essential element of an effective fitness & weight loss regimen, full body workouts and exercise routines - Perfect for resistance training, fitness workouts, core strengthening.

Strength training with the Resistance band

Resistance bands highly used in strength training as they target specific muscle groups -like quads, glutes, biceps, triceps, abs, legs, hips, ankles and knees.


  • Tube bands with a handle
  • Leg resistance exercise bands
  • Mini continuous flat loop band
  • Resistance bands with handles
  • Wide resistance bands with a handle
  • Wide loop resistance bands


  • Exercise bands are a great addition to any exercise for the traveler that may not have access to a gym or workouts machines.
  • Resistance bands help strengthen the body and especially, the body muscles. They're simple to use and due to their durability and portability, you may take them pretty much anyplace, even when you travel halfway around the globe.
  • These bands are simple to use. Oftentimes, you stretch center of the band beneath your legs and one handle in each hand pull up your hands. This forces you to strain and workout your muscles so as to pull the band upwards, and creates immunity. You want to work out but avoid adding a great deal of bulk to on your 20, bands help.
  • For females, the resistance bands are popular because all women wish to get in fit and shape, but without attaining body builder criteria. There are lots of simple and fun ways to incorporate resistance bands.
  • One idea is to utilize them when doing jumping jacks. You may receive a complete body workout, but you are adding in the opposition circles and making. You may add up to as little resistance as you need the opposition the exercise.
  • You may even use them when doing crunches. Simply stretch the opposition circles apart as you perform a sit-up, and then release the circles by allowing on your hands to go closer together as you exhale and go back to on your starting place on the floor. You'll notice if you concentrate on the target muscle area and carry out the exercises correctly, that every rep is a lot more intense than with no resistance or train bands.
  • Exercise bands are the ideal addition to any exercise if you're looking to make the exercises more stimulating for yourself and tone up faster. Utilizing a wide range of bands is the best bet, so you're always turning it up and never attaining a plateau.
  • Dependent upon whether you aim to create mass or just need to tone up, you may use the opposition bands to add something again for your regular exercise routine.
  • You'll find exercise or resistance bands in most sporting goods stores for home use and also most gyms have a few sets available as well, dependent upon where you plan to work out.


  • Resistance bands reverse crunches
Target - Glutes, lower abs, middle abs, upper abs, and quads.
  • Resistance bands sit-ups 
Target - Shoulders, Upper back & abs.
  • Resistance bands side bend
Target - External oblique, internal oblique, and glute medius.
  • Plank hold with resistance bands
Target - Shoulders, middle back, lower back, abs, and glutes.
  • Squats with resistance bands
Target - Hamstrings, gluts, quads and lower abs.
  • Abduction with wide loop resistance bands
Target - Hamstring, inner thighs, and outer thighs.
  • Bent over row with resistance bands
Target - Chest, lats, and triceps.

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