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Welcome to strength Trainingz - A Step for Healthy Lifestyle.

Hello friends,

My name is Neha Verma, I am 25 years old. I am an M.B.A. degree holder and passed out in the year 2017 i.e 2 years back I have completed post graduation and currently working with a reputed company.

I was thinking of starting my blog since July 2017, and yes I started 2 blogs in the same year but that hasn't worked well as far as my learning year and I was experimenting every new thing to my blog. Well, success and failure are always played a major role in your learning period and that what played for me too.

There was a time when failure made my motivation down and forced me to quit on blogging but yes god was with me and my habit of reading blogs and watching motivation videos gave me new hope to move ahead and give another chance to my efforts and in December 2018 I created this blog StrengthTrainingz.com with the intention to serve my audience best content and tips which help them for being physically healthy, fit and active.

Due to rapidly increased health problems we have to take extra care of ourselves and our family too so that we and they can live long and healthy life and physical activities play a major role to provide you the same.