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Strength Training is one of the hot activity among Youths. Whether Men or Women, when it comes for Fitness you will find both genders equally Active. To keep your Health & Fitness In mind we will provide you with information about the strength Training Exercises and Types of equipment you can use at the gym as well as at Home.

You will find different articles on a different type of exercises and health-related topics which will definitely help you to take care of your body.

Author: Neha Verma

Hello Fitnessholics, this is Neha Verma welcomes you to I have completed MBA (Finance) in the year 2017 and currently working as an Accounts Executive in a reputed company. I am always curious to learn something new and share my Knowledge through my post.

I love to help people by sharing my posts on Health & Fitness as this is one of my Favourite activity to do. To keep your body in shape will make you more comfortable and more confident. A fit and healthy body is key to a long life.




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